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Hướng dẫn cách tắt bình luận trên facebook đơn giản, dễ làm
Hướng dẫn cách tắt bình luận trên facebook đơn giản, dễ làm from


Welcome to our blog post on “Huong Dan Cach Comment Ko Co Gi.” In this article, we will provide you with tips and strategies to help you comment on various platforms without saying anything. Whether it’s social media, online forums, or blog comment sections, we will guide you on how to leave an impression without actually saying anything.

Commenting has become an essential part of our online presence. It allows us to engage with others, express our opinions, and build connections. However, there are times when we may not have anything meaningful to say or prefer to remain silent. This article will show you how to comment without actually saying anything.

1. Using Emojis

Emojis have become a popular way to express emotions and reactions online. They can convey a message without the need for words. When commenting, consider using emojis that align with your thoughts or feelings about the post or conversation. For example, if someone shares a funny meme, you can respond with laughing emojis to indicate that you found it amusing.

Using emojis allows you to participate in the conversation without the pressure of coming up with a detailed response. It’s a quick and easy way to engage with others while remaining silent.

2. Liking and Reacting

Another way to comment without saying anything is by using the like or reaction buttons available on most social media platforms. These buttons allow you to express your agreement, appreciation, or amusement without the need for words.

When you come across a post or comment that you support or find interesting, simply click the like or reaction button to show your approval. This not only acknowledges the content but also encourages the person who shared it to continue posting similar content in the future.

3. Sharing the Post

Sharing a post or article is a great way to engage with others without having to provide your own thoughts or opinions. By sharing content, you are indirectly expressing your interest or agreement with the topic.

When sharing, make sure to add a brief caption or comment that relates to the content. This can help spark conversations and encourage others to engage with the post. However, remember to keep your comment vague or neutral to maintain the focus on the original content.

4. Asking Open-Ended Questions

One way to participate in a conversation without saying anything substantial is by asking open-ended questions. These questions encourage others to share their thoughts and opinions, while you remain in the background.

When formulating your question, make sure it relates to the topic at hand and is open enough to invite multiple perspectives. This can create a lively discussion without you having to contribute much to the conversation.


Commenting without saying anything can be a useful strategy in certain situations. Whether you’re not sure what to say or prefer to remain silent, these tips and strategies can help you engage with others without the need for extensive comments.

Remember to use emojis, like and react to posts, share content, and ask open-ended questions to participate in conversations without saying much. By doing so, you can still be an active member of the online community while maintaining your preferred level of engagement.


Here is a summary of the strategies discussed in this article:

Strategy Description
Using Emojis Express emotions and reactions without words.
Liking and Reacting Use the like or reaction buttons to show approval.
Sharing the Post Indirectly express interest or agreement by sharing content.
Asking Open-Ended Questions Encourage discussion by posing thought-provoking questions.

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